‘Surprise and Delight’ is my favourite feature of any new product.

Yes I need the product to have X and Y to solve my problem not U-Y, but the reality is that a variety of available products could have X and Y. It is the surprise and delight that makes it memorable.

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By its definition ‘Surprise’ is the unexpected. I expect my product to have X and Y, any less than that is failure, however I wasn’t expecting the product to also do Z. My expectation was met by X and Y and exceeded by Z. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about web design, cole clark guitars music or gardening, you just need to improve your expectations.

and Delight
Good, Great, Exceptional describe the quality of a product, Delight describes the feeling you get when you uncover the feature or the feeling you get using the product. Feelings live with us far longer than qualitative assessments. Click here to get more info.

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So next time you are looking at your MVP, don’t neglect the opportunity to consider adding a little Surprise and Delight to your MVP.

culture / innovation / process

New Process

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culture / innovation / process

Genuine change

Most major changes within an organisation are only as impactful as all of the little changes that happen in and around that major change.

Many people within a changing organisation try to consider how their previous function is impacted by implementing emotional intelligence coaching. What if anything do they have to change. Or can they just mould their old behaviours to adapt to the new changes.

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Truly great change occurs when everyone forgets ‘how we use to do it’ and just looks to what is the best way they can conduct their function in the new environment – and typically this leads to a lot of little changes in and around the business, Just like commercial office space for rent that leads to a great income if you invest in this kind of business. which can also be made with the right business coaching, since this also helps the businesses a lot.

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culture / process / strategy

Two ears, one mouth

Dealing with customers or potential customers effectively requires you to use your facilities in roughly the same portion that you have them.

2 ears, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth.

Listen to the customer intently, and when you listen, watch them. You will more from doing this than anything else you could do, listen to what they say, how they say it, when they look nervous talking about something, what excites or interests them.

If you listen and watch the customer intently, then you can ask questions, and not because you have to, but if you listen intently and watch, you will want to know the missing pieces to the story.

Once you have had a chance to really take in your customers story then you can start to really tell them about a solution that is tailored to their needs.

The worst thing you can do is talk without listening, as soon as you do that you will end up just selling jargon and marketing speak and not really solutions. No customer wants that.

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Team structure

Having an org chart doesn’t mean you have a team. A team requires multiple people working together.

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Real leaders have unique qualities and it is not always the person who us most successful that is best leader, more often that not it is qualities such as empathy, communications, transparency and mutual respect that define a great team leader.

innovation / mobile / strategy

Internet of everything

We are on the cusp of a new mass market technology and gadgets just click here for the best deals, vertical for the internet of everything. Is this a good thing? Yes. Is it a bubble? Yes, sort of… Should we persist? Yes!

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Staff churn – opportunity?

It is generally accepted that it is not great to see a good staff member go, as with most things in life, if you look for it you can put a positive spin on it, especially if you believe you are a good company. Apart from being able to provide proof of income and being at least 18 years of age, a valid bank account is required for the loan to get approved. The loan is transferred to the bank account according to the agreement and the terms provided by Everyone knows how important it is to need urgent money. However, an instant payday loan is the right choice for anyone in need of fast and easy cash. Please do search for the benefits and downsides of loans.

Possible benefits of losing a key staff member:
- if you are supportive of their decision you create an advocate in market. First question at a new job is ‘where did you used to work?’ Give them a good story to tell and 20 staff at a competitor know that your company is great to work for.
- actual unbiased feedback. A well structured exit interview can give you many insights into the perception of the company, management, and future of the company from the internal team. This fully transparent honest feedback is rare – don’t ignore it.
- it allows for a great time to make some other changes needed with a greater chance of uptake in that team, when that role is replaced, they only know the new changes.
- see which job functions can be picked up by others. This may add some responsibility to juniors to reward good work or just fill under utilised staff. If you do this, you can either reallocate some of that role to add support or alternative add new functionality to that role to improve business. Don’t forget that you will also have lots of benefits such as the best Advance Design work uniform suppliers which will help you build up your ethic at work.

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The cost of secrets

Guard your ideas, keep your plans close to your chest, you mustn’t let people know what’s happening for fear of them stealing your idea – correct?

NO! Obviously something’s are truly trade secrets, but most of the time you are just being obnoxious.

Share your ideas, talk about plans, get everyone excited. Keep your ears open and wait to see what ideas, hints and tips you might pick up along the way.

The benefit of secrets is that element of surprise, the downside is that you are trying to do it all alone. The risk of surprise is possibly that you tried to do it all alone and your idea/plan isn’t as good as it could be.

Staff, friends, colleagues even clients or competitors can be a good source of inspiration. They view your issues from different perspectives, they can all have ideas and help get you excited.

Every time you explain your idea again, you will refine and shape your idea, that can only make it better.

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innovation / process / strategy

The process of ideation

When looking to get a loan today with unsecured loans and solve a problem creatively there are a variety of ways to think about tackling a problem:

- How could you solve the problem if money was no object?
- How would you explain the problem to a child or an alien?
- What would be best solution in the world be?
- Have you considered the problem from each different users perspective?
- What is the single reason that the user likes this product or service?
- Is there a deeper truth about the problem or the user that can be focused on?

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Whatever the method you use to get yourself thinking, one of the keys to effective ideation is to infuse yourself in all possible facets of the subject matter. Fill your head with fanciful ideas. Get to the point of utter exhaustion considering a topic… Then walk away. The human mind is a powerful tool but it needs time find its own clarity.

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innovation / process

The Role of Brainstorming

Every opportunity to innovate should include a brainstorm of some sort. This may be a more traditional group in a room spit balling ideas to see what might be worth investigating through to the personal brainstorming that occurs in ones head in the shower or during a run. There are some advantages to brainstorming in both the public manner and the personal method, which is as personal decision as taking care of your vision health, with the guides you can find at sites like

But why is this brainstorming so important? Without brainstorming, without allowing yourself the creative space to free yourself from the conforms of the everyday, your ideas will be rooted in the now.

You will restrict your innovation to the obvious, to the things you have done in the past, your ideas will be the safe options. Not to say these things are wrong, but brainstorming at least allows you to consider all of these options and then decide what’s right, but an option not considered is a possible innovation missed.