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New Process

People with organisation tend to get excited about new products but resist new processes like small installment loans for bad credit. Why? Factory trained and licenced, new fire extinguisher services supply parts and offer full services for all makes of commercial food preparation and washing equipment including refrigeration parts and service. New products are tangible,… Read more »

Genuine change

Most major changes within an organisation are only as impactful as all of the little changes that happen in and around that major change. Many people within a changing organisation try to consider how their previous function is impacted by implementing emotional intelligence coaching. What if anything do they have to change. Or can they… Read more »

Two ears, one mouth

Dealing with customers or potential customers effectively requires you to use your facilities in roughly the same portion that you have them. 2 ears, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth. Listen to the customer intently, and when you listen, watch them. You will more from doing this than anything else you could do, listen to what… Read more »

Team structure

Having an org chart doesn’t mean you have a team. A team requires multiple people working together. Many roof trusses supplier sydney think they have ‘teams’ when all they have are groups of people with similar objectives. Teams require leaders who help others make that transition from ‘I want to do a good job’ to… Read more »

Staff churn – opportunity?

It is generally accepted that it is not great to see a good staff member go, as with most things in life, if you look for it you can put a positive spin on it, especially if you believe you are a good company. Apart from being able to provide proof of income and being… Read more »

The cost of secrets

Guard your ideas, keep your plans close to your chest, you mustn’t let people know what’s happening for fear of them stealing your idea – correct? NO! Obviously something’s are truly trade secrets, but most of the time you are just being obnoxious. Share your ideas, talk about plans, get everyone excited. Keep your ears… Read more »

Brutal Simplicity

Brutal Simplicity. An amazing copywriter (AT) said this to me the other day just before we presented to a client. It was the first I’d heard it – but it really resonated with me. Just to be clear there is a M&C Saatchi book of the same name, and I haven’t yet read that, but… Read more »

Opportunity to innovate

Waiting for the opportunity to innovate is a futile existence. If you want to innovate, there are two key ways to innovate: 1) take any project and force yourself to think about in a different light OR 2) get in the habit of trying to innovate your every task everyday Number 2 is my preferred… Read more »

Showrooming – friend or foe?

‘Showrooming’ is the practice of go into a physical store, testing out a product, then searching for it online to buy. Mainly retailers view showrooming as a threat since people can find the cheapest version, however depending on your offering and product, it can be viewed as an opportunity to close that loop and follow… Read more »

Easy come, easy go.

Everyone knows the old saying “Easy come, easy go”. I believe it is generally accepted to mean if you didn’t work to hard to get something, you tend to care less a out keeping it, and you can easy lose it. We can take this one step further, if you didn’t have to push yourself… Read more »