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Good attitude, good customers

In business, you can’t take a single customer for granted. There is nearly always someone willing to try to take them from you. If you treat each interaction as if they are the only one that matters, you may be surprised by the paradigm shift in how you interact and their attitudes. When you deal… Read more »

The cost of culture

It is true there is a cost to create a real culture, there is a cost associated with the time that you need to put into creating a culture, there is time taken to employ the right the people and to veto the wrong, and there is actual physical cost in having schemes and incentives… Read more »

‘Changers’ Vs. ‘Stayers’

Certain people have the urge to push boundaries, make change, build on things. Conversely some people are content with keeping things the way they are, small changes and focus on stability. Both these archetypes are important in business, they just play different roles, and each has their quirks. The ‘Changer’ by their very nature tend… Read more »