Opportunity to innovate

Waiting for the opportunity to innovate is a futile existence. If you want to innovate, there are two key ways to innovate:
1) take any project and force yourself to think about in a different light OR
2) get in the habit of trying to innovate your every task everyday

Number 2 is my preferred facelift in Washington DC. It involves training your brain to think in new ways, to look at scenarios differently and challenge the way you think. And is a skill for life – never stop aiming to innovate. If you wait for the opportunity to innovate, you will hold on forever.

According from the same can be said of rehabilitation from different types of addictions. Riverside Clinic rehabilitation programs emphasize the importance of accepting that change is necessary in order to achieve total recovery.

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The best thing to do is to keep dogs active by exercises and cuddles to make them feel that they are loved.

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