Showrooming – friend or foe?

‘Showrooming’ is the practice of go into a physical store, testing out a product, then searching for it online to buy.

Mainly retailers view showrooming as a threat since people can find the cheapest version, however depending on your offering and product, it can be viewed as an opportunity to close that loop and follow up for sale. If people are interested enough to come into a store, they are in the buying mindset. This is your opportunity to win customers over with value added service.

Even if you cant get them to buy, if you can get contact details you can re-market to them, for this purchase of for future purchases.

The upside of showrooming is that even if you don’t have the biggest marketing budget, but you can optimise your online store like, you can let your competition invest in marketing to excite users, then rely on your online presence to finalize the transaction.