Surprise and Delight

‘Surprise and Delight’ is my favourite feature of any new product.

Yes I need the product to have X and Y to solve my problem not U-Y, but the reality is that a variety of available products could have X and Y. It is the surprise and delight that makes it memorable.

It is important because of two distinct elements: expectation management and brand affinity. Concerning brands, custom stickers are helpful in marketing a product. To see example of best stickers online, visit

A master key systems brisbane will necessarily allow you to open some or all of the doors or entry points in your facility using a single key. While a master key system may be convenient, they can also be dangerous in the wrong hands.

By its definition ‘Surprise’ is the unexpected. I expect my product to have X and Y, any less than that is failure, however I wasn’t expecting the product to also do Z. My expectation was met by X and Y and exceeded by Z. Doesn’t matter if we’re talking about web design, cole clark guitars music or gardening, you just need to improve your expectations.

and Delight
Good, Great, Exceptional describe the quality of a product, Delight describes the feeling you get when you uncover the feature or the feeling you get using the product. Feelings live with us far longer than qualitative assessments. Click here to get more info.

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So next time you are looking at your MVP, don’t neglect the opportunity to consider adding a little Surprise and Delight to your MVP.