The Role of Brainstorming

Every opportunity to innovate should include a brainstorm of some sort. This may be a more traditional group in a room spit balling ideas to see what might be worth investigating through to the personal brainstorming that occurs in ones head in the shower or during a run. There are some advantages to brainstorming in both the public manner and the personal method, which is as personal decision as taking care of your vision health, with the guides you can find at sites like

But why is this brainstorming so important? Without brainstorming, without allowing yourself the creative space to free yourself from the conforms of the everyday, your ideas will be rooted in the now.

You will restrict your innovation to the obvious, to the things you have done in the past, your ideas will be the safe options. Not to say these things are wrong, but brainstorming at least allows you to consider all of these options and then decide what’s right, but an option not considered is a possible innovation missed.